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Its been a while since Ive been on tumblr. I used to love it here. Revisiting, I realized why I decided to leave. 
People post their uninformed opinions on highly sensitive topics and its really hurts me. I have friends who do this, people I care for. And that hurts the most. 

I have been in the region they are talking about. I have seen what happens. My cousins are fighting against terrorism, not refugees. My brothers and sisters fight for their families. They fight against people who don’t care about armies and wars, or about their own people for that matter. They care about hurting innocent civilians. I spent a year in a place people who seem to be fighting, live peacefully side by side. My uncle, a big business man, employs more of the ‘other side’ than his own. Many of the people Ive met have run away from the tyrannical countries around them, to a safe haven of sorts. To somewhere they will be treated fairly. 
To delegitimize their safe feelings is just plain wrong. To delegitimize our claim is wrong. And to go as far as to say that we dont care about basic human rights is sickening. 
Let me tell you a little about what I know as fact. The Israeli army, on all missions, while still being hammered by enemy fire, fires 2 warning shots in the air. If the other side does not stop, they shoot their hand, foot, chest and head in that order. At least 3 people on a mission will have cameras on their helmets to ensure the procedure goes as required. Before any retaliation rockets come in, flyers are distributed, warning citizens to leave. What other country does that?
Now why are they still there? Why do they stay? They’re afraid. Hamas will kill them if they leave. In a culture where a woman can be killed by her male family members by bringing dishonor onto her family by simply being raped in the street, why is this simple fact surprising. The UN has confirmed reports of Hamas working in tunnels and buildings in and around hospitals, schools, and major civilian traffic areas. Why? Why use women and children as shields. Why are you willing to push aside the lives of women and children? Are you too afraid to die for what you believe in? 
If we are so horrific, you’d do anything to stop us. If we are so horrific, then how come we treat people who are possible terrorists better than you treat your wives and children.

In the beginning of the summer, 3 teenage boys were kidnapped and murdered. They were kids, coming home from school. And eventually, when we find them dead, and war breaks out, because surely you didnt expect us to stay quiet when you murdered innocent children, you complain about all the rockets and the ‘people’ that died. When the whole world can clearly see many videos of the so called dead people moving and talking and scratching themselves when they think no one is watching.
The truth is, this was never a war for the land. They have plenty of it. There are any number of arab countries to choose from. Every piece of land a jew owns has been bought, mainly overpriced from Muslim farmers happy to give up land they thought useless. 

This is a war of good versus evil. And im sure many people would disagree. But i honestly dont care what they think. They can go visit every arab country, then visit Israel. They’ll see how amazing it is. The Jews and zionists in Israel have only wanted to live peacefully. We as a people have been persecuted at every moment in our history and yet we still stand. For some reason, Hamas wants war and terror and death of all jews. And to be honest, its impossible to hate a group that much and still be a good person. No Jew in Israel wants death to all Muslims. Not one. Not even the mothers who are still in mourning for their little boys. Notice how I didnt say Muslims were evil. They arent. They are meant to be peacefull. Its when extremists like Hamas comes in that everyone gets a little wary of the population as a whole. 2% of Muslims are extremists. But when you have such population density, the numbers get a little scary.

We want an end to this war. Unfortunately it seems that every time there is a seize fire, they seem to think it means reload.

So I guess what im saying is, in the nicest way possible, Shut up. Because you are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. And obviously, you dont know the whole story.

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